About our Product: Tim's Balancing Face Formula

Tim's Balancing Face Formula

In working with essential oils in our Tim's Naturals products, we discovered added benefits we never could have imagined. When it came to the benefits for healthy skin, we wanted to create something that was as healing and supportive for our complexions as our other products are for our bodies. Add the boost from Full-Spectrum CBD and you'll find the sweet spot where our Balancing Face Formula came to life.

Pressed organic oils and complimentary organic essential oils have proven to aid you skin, no matter its unique type, in achieving balanced oil production and nurturing your tissue back to health.

In particular, these oils bring about several benefits including anti-inflammatory, moisturization, balance and healing for your skin. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil accelerates these adjustments by reducing inflammation and bringing assistance to the skin’s most urgent needs. Our 1 ounce bottle contains 100 mg of full spectrum CBD.

These oils do these things and more but when considering why we include what we do, check out what each of our included oils actually do: 

  • Anti-inflammatory Oils: Hemp Seed, Lavender, Rose Otto, Full Spectrum CBD
  • Moisturizing Oils: Hemp Seed, Rose Hip, Squalane, Evening Primrose Vitamin E
  • Balancing Oils: Hemp Seed, CBD, Rosehip, Squalane, Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn, Lavender, Rose Otto
  • Healing Oils: Vitamin E, Rose Otto, Sea Buckthorn

Known for its healing properties, full spectrum cannabidiol offers some serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which can be beneficial in treating skin concerns like inflammation, dryness and free radical damage.

Numerous studies have shown that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied to skin. This makes CBD a targeted ingredient for acne-prone skin, while its calming benefits help reactive skin look and feel better. Additionally, CBD is also effective in fighting acne as it helps level the production of sebum in the skin.

Additionally, studies indicate that cannabidiol may be effective in treating eczema and psoriasis as anti-inflammatory and moisturizing elements of CBD get to work.

So, we’ve found that Tim’s Balancing Face Formula may help those who:

  • Suffer from acne and breakouts on their face, neck or chest.
  • Are looking to treat fine lines, redness or splotchiness.
  • Have micro-wrinkles.
  • Enjoy the sun and seek a soothing treatment after sun exposure.
  • Have a dry, oily, combination or otherwise variable complexion.

A quick reminder, CBD brings about balance to many types of ailments your skin can experience. So, while some of these uses seem contradictory, the reality is that this one product can address a variety of concerns, no matter your troubles.

We both use this oil every day and have noticed dramatic differences in the youthfulness of our skin. We are, surprisingly, complimented on a regular basis about how young we look. Even Tim has a one product skin care routine now which he never had in his life. We love what this restorative oil has done for our skin and we hope you will too.

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