Conscious Consumerism: What is it? Why is it integral to Tim’s Naturals?

Conscious Consumerism: What is it? Why is it integral to Tim’s Naturals?

What you buy is your choice, we can only do so much to sway you, but we also believe you’re here for a reason. Our products work. We’re proud of our clean, responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients. And we’re always working to improve our business practices. From how we package our products in reusable tins or biodegradable tubes to the ways we ship or deliver our products to our customers. 

When creating a line of products made exclusively from products of the planet, it struck us that the mission of the business was not just to provide responsibly created, packaged and distributed products that help people. The mission of the business was also to inspire our customer base to realize that it’s possible for businesses to not simply focus on the bottom line but to also consider their impact. We gained a desire to create a community of conscious consumers.

We pride ourselves in being a company for the conscious consumer in all of us. But what exactly is conscious consumerism, you ask? 

Well, we like to think of it as an extra layer of awareness when it comes to what you buy and who you’re buying it from. There are many businesses selling products with one object in mind: profitability. These businesses thrive in the fast-fashion, capitalist consumer economies that have grown from social media and marketing over the years.

We’re not one of those businesses. We are constantly working to make Tim’s Naturals more sustainable every year, with every new product. And for us, the cost isn’t an object. When we find a way to make less of an impact on the planet while providing our customers with effective, therapeutic products, we jump on it.

In the last year, we launched the Trauma Balm Tube and the newest member of our product line, Lip Balm. These products are made with their lasting effects on the planet in mind. The paper tube, glue, ink and label are all biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. The product itself? Well, it’s all-natural. So much so, you could even eat it.

And while we don’t recommend eating our products, we tell you this in an effort to share that when you choose Tim’s Naturals, you’re choosing products made by people like you. By folks who believe in making products that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. Our products, our lifestyle, match this vision of keeping the planet, which provides the ingredients for all of our products, healthy for a long time yet.

We make products that we use ourselves every day because we want our customers and our friends to purchase what they need because we know you think about whether consumption of any product is actually necessary.

We know how our products and practices impact each environment touched in its creation and delivery. We want you to look for better-for-the-world businesses and products in 2021, and we hope to continue bringing you better-for-you products, packaging and delivery in the future as well.

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