Hefty Bag Technique

Hefty Bag Technique

This technique is designed to help you let go of energies in your body that are not in harmony with you and are not serving your highest need.

  1. Quiet yourself. You can do this as part of meditation, or whenever you need it. It doesn't take very long.

  1. Imagine a strong trash bag with a powerful vacuum in the opening of the bag.

  1. Place the bag onto a part of your body that is bothering you, making itself known to you, on your head to get rid of unwanted thoughts etc….

  1. Bring the bag back in front of you, tie it off very well, double bag if needed.

  1. Ask for your helper. Your helper looks just like you. They will appear in front of you.

  1. Hand the bag to the helper.

  1. The helper will throw the bag up and over your etheric wall. (Everyone has this wall in your upper left hand field of etheric vision - just play along).

  1. Behind the wall is the Sea of No Return. Whatever was in the bag is gone for good. Simple as that.

  1. Pay attention to how you feel. Did you change? Is the pain gone? Is the thought gone? Affirming change helps you know that this actually works.


  1. Do not put people in the bag! You can put the charge you have with someone in the bag.
  2. You have unlimited bags. Don’t try to overstuff it. Some things may take multiple bags and times.
  3. Don’t worry about what is in the bag, just let it go.

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