Calming the Busy Brain

Calming the Busy Brain

Why are our brains so busy?
Why do they keep repeating things over and over?
Why does it want to work on everything when we want to go to sleep?

To begin to understand the why, it is helpful to know the how.

We are energetic beings, plain and simple. We have a physical body, but our energetic component runs the show. We are constantly processing the energy around us. Physical exercise, having an argument, taking a test, processing a tragic event. These are all stimuli that we have to move through us. Some of it does and some of it doesn’t. The energy that doesn’t has to be dealt with. Most of the energy we have to process is not ours.

An example: We all have a friend who is in constant turmoil. They come to you to talk through their issues because you are a “good listener”. After a half hour of them dumping on you, they proclaim that they feel so much better and are utterly grateful to you. You, on the other hand, need a nap at a minimum. They have just transferred their energetic load on to you. Now you have to deal with it.

The energetic body now treats this foreign energy in the same way that the physical body treats a virus. It attacks. The mind throws up alerts that you have been invaded and keeps repeating this over and over hoping that you will address it. This is one of the reasons we have thoughts and dreams that don’t quite feel like ours. The mind will make you aware that you are energetically overloaded by being active in the same way that our physical body expresses pain to let us know it has a problem.

When it is just our energy in our body, and no one else's, we can be peaceful, quiet, and centered.

The following technique is a wonderful way to use your energy to clear out all the energy in your body that is not yours. You can do this anytime of day. I highly recommend doing this right before you do simple meditation. It will make it easier to sit in meditation.


1. Sit upright, keeping your spine, neck, and head in a straight line. Cross your legs at the ankles. You can sit on the floor or in a chair.

2. Touch the forefinger and thumb of each hand together to form a circle and place hands palm down on the knees.

3. Sit comfortably!

4. Close your eyes and focus your attention at the top of your head (soft spot when you were an infant). Focus there until you feel pressure or become aware of energy.

5. Next, with the mind, flow this energy into the “willpower” center just above the eyes, then down the face into the neck, dividing it at the shoulders. Flow the energy down both arms into the hands and fingers. There will be a pulsation or warmth in your hands if you have moved the energy properly.

6. Leave the energy in the palms and return to the top of the head. Concentrate - move the energy again to the “ willpower” center, then back into the brain and flow the energy down the center of the spinal cord. Separate the energy at the base of the spine and move it along both legs to your knees. Join this energy with the energy left in your palms and direct it down both legs and out the soles of your feet into the Earth.

7. Repeat this exercise two more times.

8. (Optional) - Go into meditation.

Now take a moment to notice how you feel. This should help create a sense of quiet and calmness. Don’t limit yourself to three times if you want to do more. You can’t do it too much! This technique has been around for thousands of years for good reason. Enjoy the peace!