Tim's Tips: Joseph's Coat of Protection

Tim's Tips: Joseph's Coat of Protection

What is a coat of protection?
Protection from what?

It is protection from all the different energies that are flying around us all day. That “friend” who likes to dump their emotions on us. That coworker that always wants to get a rise out of us. That partner who manipulates us when we don’t even know it.

I will quote myself from a previous blog. “We are energetic beings, plain and simple. We have a physical body, but our energetic component runs the show. We are constantly processing the energy around us. Physical exercise, having an argument, taking a test, processing a tragic event. These are all stimuli that we have to move through us. Most of the energy we have to process is not ours.”

When it is just our energy in our body, and no one else's, we are very quiet and peaceful. By building a coat of energetic protection around ourselves, we can start to slow down how much energy we take on from others. It will help us have more energy, more clarity, sleep better, and have much calmer brains. Combined with simple meditation and the running the energy technique that I have presented in previous newsletters (and are now in our blog), you will feel like an entirely different person.

Joseph's Coat for Beginners

The best time to put on Joseph's coat is after meditating at the top of the head and becoming very peaceful. You can put it on whenever you like though. You are using your energy when doing this technique. Imagine wearing a many layered coat of colored light, from your head to your toes.

1. Center at the top of the head and imagine the color Pink.

2. Inhale to concentrate on the color. Do this as many times as you like until the pink is strong and bright. Exhale to fountain the color down over your body.

3. Make sure you cover yourself completely with the Pink light.

4. Tuck the color underneath you.

5. Then go to the top of the head and imagine the next color (Orange) doing the same technique as the last color. Remember to tuck the color underneath you. Return to the top of your head and begin the next color.

6. Each color goes right over the last color in layers to form a coat of many colors to protect you.

7. The colors in order are pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white. Think (POYGBIV).

8. A layer of Pink is then put over the white so that you have a layer of gentle kindness.

The more you do this technique, the stronger this protection will become. If you are going into a stressful situation or even any kind of crowd, you can just think of this coat around you, and it will be energized for you.