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How do you get the goods?


In order to help our Grocery partners succeed with our Tim's Naturals line up, we have compiled some industry specific research for you below. If you are already one of our grocery wholesalers, and you'd like to share your experience with us, please contact us. Your joy is our joy. Your success is our success. 


What products have the most success in this category?

Our grocer wholesalers sell the Trauma Balm in 25ml, 50ml and tube well. The lip balm, still a relatively new product, is picking up steam. The 60ml size Body Balm sells well as a great moisturizer to keep handy. 

Which display options are most successful?

Our complimentary wooden displays don’t take up much space and allow our products to be placed on end so that consumers can see the top of the lid. 

Do our products do best when merchandised next to one another, or in their individual product categories?

In markets, we've noticed that our products do best when grouped in their individual product categories.

Is there a selection of products that is best for a company in this category to start with?

Trauma Balm is always a good choice when beginning with the Tim's Naturals product line. CBD Caps do well, as does the Hemp Extract, but only for grocers that are comfortable offering the higher price point. 


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Naturally Different

100% Natural

Each ingredient in our product lineup is Carefully Chosen, Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Wild Harvest and Ethically Sourced.

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Conscious Care

Our products are intentionally and carefully crafted, as are our business practices - from marketing to packaging and everything in between.

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Overall Effective

Our line is created utilizing essential oils that work together, serving purposes ranging from analgesic & anti-inflammatory to vasodilation.