Tim's Best Friend Formula

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The health benefits of CBD aren’t just effective on humans, but also on our loving pets. The Best Friend Formula is here to help your dog, cat, bunny, chinchilla or other furry pet with joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, soreness and even anxiety. This oral supplement is simply added to their food to help them live their happiest, healthiest lives.

1. Made with certified organic, non-GMO, fair trade, natural ingredients

2. Safe and effective

3. NO parabens, petrolatum, BHA or BHT, synthetic fragrances or dyes, mineral oils, menthol, camphor, phenol or chemical sunscreen

4. Recyclable glass container

5. Made in Colorado

6. Supports 1% for the Planet

We’ve found that Tim’s Best Friend Formula may help pets who:

1. Are highly active and could use help cutting down recovery time or activity preparation

2. Are getting a bit old and creaky and need help reducing joint inflammation or pain

3. Suffer from anxiety of any kind - separation, storms, fireworks, strangers

4. Get car sick which is, in fact, connected to anxiety as well.

Add the CBD oil directly to your pet’s food or use the dropper to apply the oil inside of their mouth. We suggest 4 drops per 10 lbs of pet.

Proprietary Blend of Colorado-Grown, Organic Hemp Extract and Hemp Seed Oil

Our 1 oz bottle contains 250 mg of Colorado Grown, Hemp-Derived, Full Spectrum CBD

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For the love of pets

CBD oil can benefit animals of all sizes. Our hemp extract contains less than the legal limit of 0.3% of THC, so pet owners can rest assured that your pet will not get high from consuming this product.


Mammals share many systems in common, including the endocannabinoid system, which our CBD Oil products were created to support in humans. It felt like a natural next step to help our furry friends experience the same health benefits as humans. We all love our pets as much as ourselves, why wouldn’t we give them the best quality of life we can?

Tim's tips

When we introduced our Best Friend Formula to our dog Ellwood, he was experiencing intense shoulder pain as a young dog, even after a small run or hike. We gave him this supplement twice a day and the limp went away. It’s now been two years and not only is Ellwood not limping, we’ve noticed his coat is strong and shiny.

We’ve also found our Best Friend Formula can help with anxiety and depression in animals. Try this out to help calm your pet with separation anxiety or even car sickness.

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Many people have begun to provide CBD hemp oil to pets to support their overall health. Always consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your pet’s dietary regimen.