Balancing Face Formula Elevated facial hydration.  Oil-Balancing Treatment A therapeutic blend of Full Spectrum CBD oil complimented by organic oil...
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Balancing Face Formula

Elevated facial hydration. 

Oil-Balancing Treatment

A therapeutic blend of Full Spectrum CBD oil complimented by organic oils to address imbalanced sebaceous glands in your face and decolletage. When it comes to natural oil production, whether your skin overproduces, underproduces or both, this targeted formula will help your skin find balance while bringing about elasticity and brightness. 

We’ve found that Tim’s Balancing Face Formula may help those who:

  • Suffer from acne and breakouts on their face, neck or chest.
  • Are looking to treat fine lines, redness or splotchiness. 
  • Have micro-wrinkles: as you age, your skin loses its ability to retain moisture. This formula reintroduces moisture, bringing back the youthfulness of your skin. 
  • Enjoy the sun and seek a soothing treatment after sun exposure. 
  • Have dry skin - this formula can moisturize and nourish your skin, supplementing natural oil production. 
  • Have oily skin - this formula can help stabilize your skin’s oil production, helping to bring it back to equilibrium. 
  • Have combination skin - this formula can help add moisture where needed and balance overproduction when necessary, helping to harmonize your tissue. 

100% Intentionally Sourced Ingredients

  • Organic Oils: Hemp Seed, Rosehip, Squalane Olive, Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Ample Essential Oils: Organic Lavender, Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto
  • Our 1 oz bottle contains 100 mg of Colorado Grown, Hemp-Derived, Full Spectrum CBD

The Story

This product came to life through in-home testing. Jenna has always used oils on her face and, when prompted by a friend, tested out Tim’s CBD Extract for her puffy eyes. She then began experimenting with other oils she used frequently and she found a combination that truly works.  

Adding Oil to Oil? Why?
Essential oils have been proven to aid your skin, no matter its unique style, in achieving balanced oil production and nurturing your tissue back to health. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil accelerates these adjustments by reducing inflammation and bringing assistance to the skin’s most urgent needs. 

Tim’s Suggestions

I’ve never put anything on my face before...ever. Heck, I hardly thought about my skin. I started using this product once a day and have noticed a complete change in my skin’s youthfulness. My skin is really soft, I especially notice that fact with a close shave. My sun spots have receded and one has even disappeared.

When I don’t use it, my skin feels parched. I now know the difference between what hydrated and dehydrated skin feels like on my face. I can’t ignore it now that I know the difference.

Jenna’s Suggestions

I use the Balancing Face Formula in my daily skincare routine. Though I don’t have a complicated skincare routine. I wash my face, spritz with rose water and put 3-4 drops of Tim’s Balancing Face Formula on. It came from my own six months of testing and seeing what worked and it’s the only product I’ve come to call essential. 

Apply 3-10 drops to moist skin as needed. Pat gently. Apply as frequently as you deem necessary.

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